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Month PackageAnnual Package
AI Voice Quota Providing AI speech recognize & synthesize when you using the product, 1 quota consumed for each time. UnlimitedUnlimited
OpenAI token Quota Providing Language Model interaction, quota consuming depends on your sentence and AI's output. UnlimitedUnlimited
Vocabulary Learning Using AI generated(Stable Diffusion) vivid image and story to help you remember the word.
Topic Chat You can upload dialogue scripts and have a chat based on that scripts. We also provice official dialogue scripts to help you practice.
Pronounciation Assesments
Multi-Language Tutor Avaliable Language Options: 🇺🇸English,🇫🇷France,🇰🇷Korea,🇯🇵Japan,🇨🇳Chinese
Mobile Web Support
Custom Prompts
Chat History Sync
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